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Do cards need to be store bought?

No!  Store bought, hand made, a little note, a picture, all are welcomed and accepted.

Do cards need an envelope?

Handmade cards and pictures do not need an envelope.  When possible please place storebought cards in the accompanying  envelope.

Do cards need to be in by a certain date?

We accept cards year round, however if you want to ensure your cards for a specific holiday, please refer to our Programs page for specific deadlines.

What should the cards say?

General well wishes, words of support, holiday greetings (if applicable), or simply drawings are apropriate.  Cards can be signed with first names only or simply, "Your Friend" or similar.  Children under 18 should not include any identifying information other than a first name.  Please do not include personal information including last names, age, school, or city. Click here for examples.

How can I get cards to you?

Please complete this form and we will be in touch to arrange delivery or pick up.

Do you need anything besides the cards?

Please include our donation form with your cards so we can properly thank our donors!

What if I want make sure my senior family memeber or nursing home gets cards.

Please complete this form with the name of the assisted living or nursing home you would like to recieve cards.  We will do our best to fufill requests based on donations available.  At this time we do not take requests for specific individuals.

What if I am out of state?

We welcome cards from anyone who wishes to donate!  At this time we are only set up to provide cards to Rhode Island residents.

What if I would like to book Molly for a workshop or appearance?

Please email us the details of your request and we will respond within 24-48 hours.  Please note that school year appearances are subject to Molly's school calendar.

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