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Greetings of Gratitude Clubs

Greetings of Gratitude Club Chapters in schools can help expand our reach across the country and globe to share the message of how we can promote positive mental health by making meaningful connections across generations while promoting youth kindness education.

Starting a Chapter

Starting a Chapter

Step 1- Speak with a teacher or administrator about the procedures for starting a club at your school and ensure you follow all school or district intructions.

Step 2- Review the Starting a Chapter FAQS

Step 3- Request a club charter from us by completing our Charter Application.


Starting a Chapter FAQs

How do I start a Chapter?

In order to start a Chapter, you must submit a Greetings of Gratitude Chapter Application. If you have questions before you submit your application, Contact Us.

Who can start a Chapter?

Any student or faculty member can apply to start a Chapter at their school. If you are a high school senior or 8th grader (or in the last grade your school offers), you must identify a student who will continue the Chapter after you graduate. This person’s contact information must be included in your application.

Is there a due date?

No, we will review applications as they are recived.

What happens after I submit my application?

After you submit your application, you will receive a submission confirmation via email. In 2-4 weeks, you will hear back. Once you’ve been accepted, you will receive an acceptance email along with your Chapter Charter Agreement. The applicant should read the Chapter Charter agreement and reach out to us if there are any questions.

What materials should I receive?

Chapters will receive passowrd protected access to online materials including a handbook, fundraising & activity ideas, as well as card donation log and chapter update submissions.  Chapters will  recieve a monthly newsletter featuring stories, helpful hints.

Will there be training to help me learn how to run my Chapter?

Although we don't provide further training, we are available to help answer any questions you have have, you can email us and expect a reply within 24-48 hours.

What do Chapters do during the year?

Chapters hold regular meetings (on average Chapters meet 1-2 times a month). Chapters will focus on creating greeting cards to be shared with senior citizens and spreading kindness in their community.

What is expected of a Chapter?

  • Have fun and make friends!

  • Educate yourself and your peers on the benefits of kindness and cross-generational connections on mental health.

  • Raise awareness and funds for card making supplies.

  • Keep us in the loop – send us  any Chapter updates to be include in our newsletter. 

Charter Application

Chapter Application

Please submit the application and allow 2-4 weeks for a response.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to

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